The Cultivation of Grace and Gratitude


The physical asanas (poses) open up your spine, providing you more comfort than before you began yoga.  Yet this is just the beginning.. (to be pain free is wonderful!). Then subtlties ‘sneak up’ on you; your life becomes easier, you are kinder to others, even moving is less difficult and you feel more energized to fulfill what you set out to accomplish each day.  Previously challenging situations become less efforting, and instead of blame, you look inward and become more connected to your own True Self, the capital S Self, that resides inside.  

This is how yoga changes how you live, even how you presently look at yourself. It is a process, and takes time.  It is the promise of Svaroopa® Yoga.

You may have noticed your muscles tense up whenever you’re stressed, and relax when doing something that makes you happy.  When you experience a quiet mind, you are able to notice what your body is truly feeling, both physically and intrinsically. You feel this at the end of Shavasana, yoga’s resting pose. Yet it’s hard stuff to feel that relaxed when we are not quiet with our mind, and our body.

This resting opens you up to allowing change to happen in your body.  You develop a trust, this rest of your whole mind, which allows you to let go of this ‘mind hold’ on your attitude toward yourself.  You know, the beating up of ourselves, that we’re not good enough, not performing up to par, not the best, or inferior compared to perhaps someone else.  Releasing spinal tension affects both your body and your mind, the freeing of these preconceived thoughts about yourself.

Tension begins at the tailbone, which compresses the entire spine.  The points of greatest tension are called pivot points which serve to distribute tension patterns that move upward and downward in the spine.  The pivot points are the tailbone, the junction between the tailbone and the sacrum, the top of the sacrum, the vertebrae behind the heart, and the base of the skull.  The tailbone is the primary pivot point; all tension in the body originates at this point.  From the tailbone your poses carry the release up the spine, through the sacrum, passing through the other pivot points, all the way through the neck and head.

As poses target the heart vertebrae, the experience of this heart release, especially over time, changes you.  You begin a cultivating of gratitude and grace from within you.  It is the opening of your heart (spine) and your heart (mind), your inner Self, that helps you to give love, and also to receive it.  This feels like coming home, yet this potential to be filled with an immense joy, and to express it, has always been inside you.  This is the promise of Svaroopa®.