What exactly is "yoga"?

Jathara Parivrttasana.jpg

This question has been asked over generations, even since the influx of yoga practitioners to the West.  According to Patanjali, the word yoga means the removal of the fluctuations of the mind.  It is the gradual knowing of yourself, as your capital ‘S’ Self; the You inside you.  This has always been there, and always will be.  Although the word yoga is mainly related to the physical postures in a yoga class, it is so much more. This collection of ‘poses’ your teacher guides you through, over time, helps with your joints, your flexibility, any health conditions like asthma and high blood pressure, even digestion, as well as all the body systems.

As your body begins this process of healing physically, yoga is also healing your mind. It is calming, centering, slows you down, allows you to rest completely for the time you are in a class. Some of the lasting effects of your practice may even follow you into work the next day; you feel more easy, grounded, energetic, productive.

Your body begins to feel better than before you began yoga and you find different newer subtleties settle into your body. In relaxation pose, your mind is profoundly quieted, you may even feel as if you have fallen asleep in Shavasana pose. It is as if someone placed a protective blanket over you, to comfort you, keep you safe, heal all your wounds. It is a feeling that often cannot be described by most yogis, yet there is one thing for sure. This quietness is not sleep; in this state, you were able to rest your body, your muscles, perhaps even your back, and of course, your brain. Nothing else existed at that moment. You did not have to ‘think’ about any one thing, not even the last thing you did at work that day.

In today’s world, most everyone has been conditioned to head into life full speed, non stop, ‘chasing the carrot,’ moving.. going.. seeking happiness, or, running to escape their pain. We look on the outside for things that will bring us happiness, like material things and people, and we run like crazy from things that cause us harm or torment. This chase is ongoing, and takes a tremendous amount of drive and energy to maintain.

Think about it;  life, commute, work, relationship, events, keeping extended family members happy, and our kids safe. All with no down time. There comes a point when you want to stop the cycle, but you can’t or won’t, or may not know how. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga is for the purpose of stilling your mind. And Svaroopa® Yoga excels at it.

Svaroopa® translates to “the bliss of your own being.” Our practice ensures ‘core opening,’ to help you learn to rest your body, and release the tension you feel inside your body, whether it’s physical hurting or emotional scars. When you come to a class, you begin the process of this deep healing. Then it carries over into your mind, emerges from your heart, from your heart out into your own life, then expands into the world that surrounds you.

When you are given these tools, you deal with your life better, your relationships at home and at work, you become more content and find you are not looking to outside things to ‘make’ you happy. These changes you begin to notice are long lasting, constant, accessible, and infinite, because they are inside of you. This is Svaroopa’s® promise.