For the week of Jan.14, all classes will be held on time both Weds and Thurs at 10a.m. Follow your gut in driving over, and feel free to stay home if you do not feel confident on the roads. Also, leave extra time in commuting. During inclement weather, even with plowed roads, the traffic and road conditions can be challenging. Please be careful!

Planning ahead studio closure for one month:

Yoga classes will be held through the month of January at the regular schedule. MiRé Yoga will close for teacher retreat on Feb. 5-28, and reopen on Weds. March 6. Do More Yoga!!

MEMBERS OF THE SSTB are welcome to attend their first class for free. I teach the relaxation breathing at the beginning of every Svaroopa class. This healing technique lowers high blood pressure when done daily, boosts your immune system to heal more quickly from illness, and improves all the body systems. Come learn the breathing that is specific to Svaroopa® Yoga in both the scripting, and in the language used, to induce this sound of your breath.

Learn how to heal faster and lead a healthful life using a slow, gentle style of yoga with reliable results, so that you wake up feeling great everyday.

Mangala (Cayla) Allen in Seated Side Stretch pose, fully supported for an upright used courtesy of Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram

Mangala (Cayla) Allen in Seated Side Stretch pose, fully supported for an upright used courtesy of Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram


Our Practice

Svaroopa® Yoga means "Bliss Yoga." If you have back pain, neck pain, knee pain or a crazy-busy mind, you need this approach to yoga's poses and breathing practices.

A medulla stroke adjustment lengthens the neck, allowing traction to reach clear down the length of the spine. Photo used courtesy of MiRé Yoga.


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"I'm still new to this but already finding some relief to my serious back and leg pain. Michèle is a caring and careful teacher."

— BG Kensington, Md


Our class schedule

Check out our class series here, and if you prefer a private session to begin yoga, there also is an option to meet individually with Michèle.


"The ancient sages explain that you desire bliss because you are made of bliss. An inner split keeps you chasing who you think you are, rather than discovering the bliss of who you really are. Svaroopa® yoga dissolves the inner split and gives you your own Self." 

– Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati, Founder of Svaroopa® Yoga